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Digital Marketing Solutions
For Your Business

Stand out. Be discovered. Be remembered.

Why do YOU need social media marketing?

People spend 3-5 hours a day on social media across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn.

People touch their phone 2617 times in a day when they have time to relax, unwind and catch up on with friends and family on social media & when they only have a couple minutes while that are in line waiting for their coffee to be ready.

If you are serious about winning against your competitor, investing in strategic social media management for your business is key. At RainSpark, we manage everything for you or we can partner with your existing marketing team so that your marketing continues, remains strategic, consistent, impactful, engaging where you do business. We create a layered digital marketing approach that creates momentum, engages the social media algorithms so your business will be found, seen, discovered and remembered.


Connect with the people most likely to be your customers, stay connected to your previous customers & turn your employees into brand advocates.


Become known locally, increase awareness of your business in your community, be considered an industry expert


High frequency, consistent, pro visual business digital marketing is the PR your business needs to be relevant in 2023.

Explore Our Creative Services

At RainSpark, we are dedicated to helping businesses like yours thrive in the dynamic world of social media. With our range of comprehensive social media marketing services, we have the expertise to take your brand's online presence to new heights.

Here's a glimpse into the six key services we offer:

Social Media Marketing.jpg
Social Media Marketing
Social Event Reporting.jpg
Social Event Reporting
Social Profile Build.jpg
Social Media Profile Build
Paid Social Advertising.jpg
Paid Social Advertising
Monthly Custom Content Creation.jpg
Monthly Content Creation
Paid City Advertising.jpg
Paid City Advertising
Digital Marketing Consulting.jpg
Digital Marketing Consulting
Custom Website Build.jpg
Custom Website Design

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