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We are your Digital
Marketing Solution Experts

We provide digital marketing solutions where we handle all your business social media for you or we partner with your existing marketing team to bring a digital expertise that your team doesn't have and can't stay on top of. 

About Melanie Pangan Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Whitby, Durham Region

Full expertise of our CCO's 20+ years experience

Finalist best new business 2022 Whitby Award Whitby Chamber of Commerce Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Whitby, Durham Region

Finalist best new business 2022

RainSpark Team About RainSpark RainSpark Group Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Whitby, Durham Region

Locally raised creative and technical genius employees

Meet our CEO!

Melanie Pangan Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Whitby, Durham Region RainSpark CEO

Melanie Pangan

Chief Creative Officer/Founder

RainSpark Media Group Inc.

Melanie Pangan is the Chief Creative Officer / Owner of RainSpark Media Group Inc.

Here is how Melanie describes her business,

“RainSpark Media Group is the cheerleader your business needs. We are experts at crafting your story on social media. We personalize the look and feel of your marketing so your business has a consistent well-crafted image that becomes recognizable. Every client’s digital marketing plan is uniquely curated. RainSpark Media can be your marketing team or we can collaborate with your existing Marketing team to bring the digital marketing edge that your business needs. Our team is uniquely equipped and collaborates on every client to ensure you are getting the full expertise of my 20+ years experience & also the freshest ideas from our recently graduated creative and technical genius team.”

RainSpark in the News!

“The name RainSpark holds a special significance for Melanie. In those final days in her former role, Melanie found herself standing in Singapore during a torrential downpour, alone and unhappy, and that’s when she had a moment of clarity, realizing that she no longer wanted to work in a place that held her back and extinguished her spark. The amalgamation of rain and spark became the embodiment of her vision, leading to the birth of RainSpark Media Group.” 💕⁠

RainSpark in the News Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Whitby, Durham Region, Whitby Article, Whitby Chamber of Commerce

We can handle all your digital marketing needs- EVERY Detail!

We handle every detailsSocial Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Whitby, Durham Region

What We Would Do

The marketing we create is on brand, consistent, frequent marketing that creates an emotional connection with the audience. It tells the story of your product, your services, your business, the team.


We work hard every day for our clients. Our giant smiles, infectious positivity make what we do look easy and like we just have fun every day. ⁠ The truth is - we work hard to be the best.


Here's sneak peak into what is typically happening at RainSpark behind the scenes for our clients every month

✓ 12 different strategic advertising messages

✓ 12 on-brand curated graphics a month to align to your marketing messages

✓ Synchronized marketing management across 3-5 social channels

✓ 2000+ words of written content

✓ 20 hours of management

✓ 3000-10,000 people minimum seeing your posts

✓ Research to ensure your posts are targeted to the people most likely to do business with you

✓ Advertising timed to be posted when your audience is online

✓ Analytics that informs what posts resonate and have impact

✓ Attracting people to follow your business

✓ Engaging with appropriate other social accounts to grow awareness and build partnership

✓ Direct message management on 3-5 channels

✓ Engagement Management on 3-5 social channels including replying to public comments & DMs

✓ Google business profile presence management: engaging the algorithms with our proven techniques

✓ Google- reply to all reviews

✓ Creative marketing support- when you need to celebrate a business milestone, when you want awareness around charitable or community events, whenever your business changes we are right there by your side flexing creatively.

Informative, educational, engaging- the content we creates an awareness about your business, where you do business.


Be found by new customers, stay connected with existing customers, re-engage with previous customers, retain and attract talent & turn your team into social advocates of your business.

People spend 3-5 hours a day on social media- hanging out, connecting, shopping, catching up on news etc.

Your business marketing needs to be in the feeds of where people are. Always on, always on their cell phones.

Our Google business management gives you a competitive edge be found when someone searches key words related to your company. Our team uses several management techniques to ignite Google algorithms so that , your company will rank higher against other non-paid Google recommendations.  

Seize this opportunity and ignite your success story today!

Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Whitby, Durham Region

90% of Instagram users follow a business (Hootsuite)

85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations (BrightLocal, 2020)

LinkedIn pages that post weekly have 5x more followers and grow 5x faster than pages that only post monthly (LinkedIn)

50% of people are more interested in a business after seeing them on Instagram (linkedIn)

LinkedIn says that candidates are 1.8x more likely to apply for a job if they’re familiar with a company.⁠ They can't get familiar if your business isn't showing up consistently on social.

People touch their cell phones 2617x a day which is why you need to market your business in the pockets of consumers.

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