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Your business needs social media expertise & guidance

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Whitby, Durham Region

We can handle all your digital marketing for your business or we can collaborate with your existing Marketing Team to bring a digital solutions and social media expertise. We create recognizable online brands. Specializing in Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Business

We are digital marketing strategists, content creators, social media managers, professional writers and we have professional photography & video services as well. Our goal is to get your marketing in front of the people most likely to do business with you & to keep you top of mind with existing customers. We don't want you to have followers from around the globe if they are never going to do business with you. We aim for quality not just quantity.


Exciting, informative and interesting online content that meets your brand & your business goals.

Prices start at $899 a month.

Social Media Profile Build

Social Profile BuildSocial Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Whitby, Durham Region

You only have seconds to keep the attention of someone who lands on your social media channel. We optimize all marketing space on each social media channel to ensure that information about your business is accessible, organized and easy to navigate.  

Our team creates personalized visually compelling social media profiles that showcases you and your business expertise in your industry. Professionally written, expertly designed Instagram highlight icon covers, custom Instagram Stories behind the covers that turns your Instagram into a mini website, personally crafted Facebook / LinkedIn covers & a digitized logo. 

Next level stuff that will separates you from your competition.

Prices start at $2000

Monthly Content Creation

Monthly Custom Content CreationSocial Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Whitby, Durham Region

To attract new customers, stay connected to your existing customers you have to have the right mix of content.  The best mix of business social content has the right amount of text, the right amount of graphics without text, the right amount of sales posts with the right level of boldness to actually ensure people know you are selling something (products or services) & not just a pretty feed.

If you are already committed to posting regularly for your business, but are not sure what you are posting is the right mix of content then purchasing a bundle of posts every month will be a game changer. 

Creative, on brand for your business, engaging. The right mix of content. Post when you want.

Monthly subscriptions start at $600 a month.

Digital Marketing Consulting

Digital Marketing ConsultingSocial Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Whitby, Durham Region

Why settle for just an average presence when you can soar high with a team armed with digital know-how? ⁠

We simplify what you need to know about the social media algorithms, so you can maximize reach, engagement, and visibility.⁠ We help you craft a social media marketing strategy for maximum impact to strategically target your ideal audience. We get you laser focused on the right reports & help you identify trends to make sure your content resonates with the right people at the right time, boosting brand awareness and driving conversions.⁠ We will advise which platforms your business should be on & edcuate you on how to harness the strengths of each channel.⁠ We will guide, instruct, motivate, light a fire in your team to take things to a whole new level.

Being average on social will never win in this competitive online environment.⁠

Billed in hourly increments. Minimum commitment may apply.

Social Event Reporting

Social Event ReportingSocial Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Whitby, Durham Region

Leave it to our team to capture the social media moments that advertise your event in the best light in real time. Our creative social reporter will roam the event to capture photos, videos & quick video clips that generate buzz.

Our team takes over your social for the event so you can manage the event and still get that social buzz and advertising you need to promote the current event and future events. Experience the clear difference of a expert social media marketing team as your event partners.

2 hour event reporting starts at $1500

Website Design 

Custom Website BuildSocial Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Whitby, Durham Region

Website refresh?
Need a website?
Our Web Design team is a trifecta of expertise since our clients don't want mediocre. Our expert team consists of an experienced Web developer, a Professional Writer and an Artistic Director to create a website that reflects your business uniquely to give you a competitive edge. 


 Starting at 10k+

Paid Social Advertising

Paid Social AdvertisingSocial Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Whitby, Durham Region

Get your marketing presented to a targeted audience ahead of all other content on social media and /or get your company "recommended" on Google before the long list of others. Specializing in Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads & boosting content.


Price: These services are included in some of our monthly digital marketing solutions or can be purchased as a stand alone monthly service. Prices vary for stand alone.

City Advertising Solutions

Paid City AdvertisingSocial Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Whitby, Durham Region

We create the right combination of transit advertising, city billboard advertising, Movie pre-show and Lobby advertising to compliment your existing advertising efforts. We handle everything for you- best locations chosen, design, production, analytics etc. 


Monthly subscriptions start at $800 a month.

Why RainSpark?

Posting is not the same as having a strategic marketing plan.

We take the time consuming, hard work out of social media marketing- strategically planned, expertly crafted, and synchronized across all the social media channels relevant to your expertly layered approach.⁠
The consistent PR that we create for your company is foundational for long term success- you will be discovered by new customers, keep connected to existing customers, engage your employees as social advocates of your business & attract new talent.⁠


More views on Google than their competitors








Within specific targeted cities



of more accounts

**The results above are typical and not guaranteed in the first 90 days

At RainSpark...

We pride ourselves in being a small expert team that partners on every client together.

We provide creative social media marketing services to businesses who know that standing out online is the best way their business can win against their competition. ⁠

At Rainspark, About RainSpark, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Whitby, Durham Region

Our team knows how to tell the story of your business. ⁠

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