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Business Digital Marketing that Retains & Attracts Talent

Digital Marketing Impact, Social Media Marketing

A professionally managed, well-crafted online presence doesn't just drive new leads into a business. It shows your company culture, your values, your history which are all things new talent is searching for online when considering to apply. It also is a key communication tool for existing employees- adopting digital marketing shows you are committed to staying relevant, technically savvy, and allows your existing employees to become digital advocates for your business which helps your business be seen more where you do business.

Many businesses miss this essential component of a successful attraction and retention plan for top talent. By creating a compelling employer brand and promoting it through digital channels, companies differentiate themselves from competitors and showcase what makes them a great place to work.

Are you positioned to outperform your competition and attract the best?

Your industry doesn't matter; having a professional manage your social media marketing is necessary if you want to be the most well-known (and sought out) among your competitors. However, the more competitive the niche, the harder it is to stand out AND land the best prospective employees.

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce says more than 60 per cent of their members across all sectors, including health care, construction, hospitality, and financial services, need help filling positions. Businesses are literally losing money because they cannot find people to fill vacant positions.

What are the advantages of Digital Marketing for recruiting and retention?

If you don't have an effective social media presence, you will be passed over by candidates researching who they want to work for and whether they apply to your company or not. You are leaving candidates to search online sites like Glass Door to learn more about your company. Plus you make it more challenging for your existing employees to direct potential referrals to learn more about your business. Let's be real; social media marketing allows you to control your business' message. Be proactive in managing your business reputation and digital footprint. Don't be vulnerable to whatever online feedback the candidate can find.

A solid strategic Digital Marketing plan helps you retain your best workers (and quite frankly, you can't afford to lose them in this hot competitive hiring market) while also attracting top talent from the outside.

In the past, employers researched prospects to see if they were a good "fit." But now there is more 2-way scrutiny. Top prospects are looking for more at work than just a salary.

Are you the kind of company they want to work for?

What kind of culture do you have?

What is your reputation?

What image does your business portray on social media?

If you haven’t adopted social media marketing, what else might be archaic and out of date in your business?

If your social media presence isn’t professional (cropped images, blurry, not consistent, questionable content etc.)- what does that say about the work standards the company has in general?

There are clear expectations for employers to be progressive and innovative online. 89% of passive candidates evaluate your brand before applying, so having an effective digital marketing strategy as a hiring tool is more integral than ever.

And remember the people who already work for you. They are your best online ambassadors. Engage them where they spend their time. They need to be encouraged to show their pride in where they work. The ability to like, share and comment demonstrates that appreciation and satisfaction to their network. This extends your visibility further, and you’ll attract candidates that your current staff knows and trusts.

Why RainSpark Media Group?

Clients hire RainSpark to help them build and maintain their visibility and reputation online. They know our expertise and experience in creating a strategic digital marketing plan. We provide a consistent professional story that makes them more visible and credible than their competition.

Be found more than your competitors on Google. Most of our clients average 68% more than other businesses in the same industry.

When RainSpark strategically manages your digital marketing, you achieve dramatically better results vs. DIY posting.

We're proud of the results we have achieved for our clients. Just a few examples of what our clients see:

Engagement (likes, comments and shares) +192%

Impressions (digital views) +120%

Reach (the number of unique people who see your content) + 133%

Likes +312%

** We target your content to where you do business - not to everyone across the globe.

Why not get started today?

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