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You can't turn off the tap and still expect a full glass of water

Digital Marketing Impact

Is this you?

You’re thinking about delaying digital marketing for your business until sometime in 2023.

You know you don’t really understand digital marketing to DIY it.

You realize you don’t have the time to figure out how to effectively create a professional online presence to increase your sales.

You’re wondering if pausing your digital marketing will really impact your 2023 goals.

At this time of year, business owners are evaluating and re-evaluating their 2023 business plans & budget. You wonder whether to pause or even delay starting your digital marketing over the holidays since most of your audience is focused on family time, and they don't want to be distracted.

You might think it will save you a bit of expense and improve your bottom line to finish the year or give you a jump on savings in 2023.

However, as a business owner, if you're considering pausing your digital marketing, you risk removing awareness of your business just at a time when your audience will be spending A LOT of their time online. Not being consistent or pausing for any period can financially impact your 2023 results - for months.

You can't turn off the tap and still expect a full glass of water.

Businesses that "get it" strategically keep awareness high throughout the year - during the long drives in summer cottage season or drinking hot chocolate in front of the Christmas tree. They don't shut down, don't shut off for the holidays and would cut other things from their plan but never their digital marketing.

And their results?

These businesses continue to be relevant and stay top of mind for consumers. This is especially true during the holidays when social media usage increases - people have more social time to post on their feeds, shop online, and research for gifts, activities, etc. Your ideal customer, therefore, sees the social media marketing (inserted strategically by RainSpark) into their feeds. Essentially, they win.

Why RainSpark instead of DIY digital marketing?

Effective digital marketing is complex and requires creativity, strategy, expert targeting, and consistency to build awareness where you do business. It is a complex skill set that you likely don’t have. Your business marketing doesn't take vacation or time off over the holidays. But you can - if you have the RainSpark experts on your digital marketing team.

To get people to follow and engage with your business and ultimately become your customers, you need consistency and a strategy for what you post.⁠

We do that at RainSpark.

Our clients know we've got their backs during this time of the year. We plan to tastefully and tactfully optimize the increase of online time during the holiday season and into the New Year, so your business continues to be seen.

· Our time-tested proprietary formula, plus second-to-none research, allows us to create the best online content and strategy for your marketing.

· You get our 20+ years of experience and knowledge behind your digital marketing solutions. Our small but mighty team comprises our region's freshest, most innovative, recent graduate employees, guided by our Chief Creative Officer. Each team member works together on strategy, creative, management and analytics processes for every client.

· We partner with you, developing consistent, unique-to-you content (that your target audience wants), which creates a trusting, long-term relationship between your business and your customers.

· We also provide measurable data on how your digital marketing strategy is working, so you can see the impact on your business, reputation and bottom line.

When working with us, business marketing continues without being tired, last minute, & unplanned. You can have time off during the holidays and New Year. While we continue to give your business the exposure, where you do business, and an upper hand on the competition who decided to turn the marketing tap off and take a break.

The time is now to inquire about how RainSpark can partner with you to take your marketing to a whole new level in 2023.

Visit our website to learn more about our services.

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